Samsung YP-P3 Portable Media Player

The Samsung YP-P3 Portable Media Player is both a fashion statement and a very high quality portable media player. Since there are so many different media players available that offer users different experiences, let’s take a close look at the Samsung YP-P3 Portable Media Player to see what this one has. We will look at the specifications of the Samsung YP-P3, the design that went into this model, its features and functions and most of all, exactly what the Samsung YP-P3 Portable Media Player to see offers what you are looking for in both style and functionality. The Samsung P3 Portable Media Player is a portable media player that offers a radio, Bluetooth, voice recording, touch interface and more. Let’s take a close look at this device to see what exactly the Samsung YP-P3 has to offer.

Samsung YP-P3 PMP

First, let’s take a look at the specifications of the Samsung YP-P3. This device has the cool feature of a music hot touch key. It’s screen is an LCD touch screen of good size, three inches. The video player in this portable device is a 16:9 widescreen. There are four versions of the Samsung P3, the 4GB, the 8GB, the 16GB and finally the big 32GB. This has Samsung’s modernized DNSe 3.0 sound enhancement technology to allow the user to have great listening enjoyment. It also comes with a voice recorder, the very sought after and now expected Bluetooth and good quality FM radio. It is usually available in both matte black or matte silver, both of which are equally popular.

This is designed to be a high quality portable player. The Samsung P3 Portable Media Player, while trying to offer a good taste of everything, focuses on Bluetooth and what it can do for the user. With this technology, you can sync your Samsung YP-P3 Portable Media Player to your cell phone. Then, when a call comes in, the music will pause for you while you take the call. You can also use your headphones and the build in microphone to talk on your cell phone, which is a cool feature and fun to use. Samsung does not stop there, as you can also use a keyboard that appears on the player’s screen to make a telephone call. Therefore, if you are looking for an impressive, trendy MP3 player that works in perfect harmony with your cell phone, the Samsung YP-P3 Media Player may be the one for you.

Samsung YP-P3 Player

In regard to storage, you can be the judge of how much you need as there are four different options ranging from 4GB all of the way up to 32GB. The body of this player is made of die cast metal and is very sturdy, while you won’t want to be dropping it all over the place; it is good to know that in most cases it can handle the occasional accidental tumble.

To wrap things up, if you are looking for a mid priced, sturdy MP3 player that can sync up to your cell phone and at the same time also give you some extra side features and allow you to choose the storage size that you need, the Samsung YP-P3 may be the player for you.