Polaroid MPA-20011S: 2.2″ Portable Media Player

The world was not sure what to think when Polaroid announced the plans for media players. However, for anyone who had any doubts, the Polaroid MPA-20011S: 2.2″ Portable Media Player will put those thoughts to rest. This little device is for music and video, photo viewing, voice recording and radio use with 512MB or 1GB of memory and some nice little extras in this flash based player. Let’s take a close look at the Polaroid MPA-20011S: 2.2″ Portable Media Player to see what is offers you and if it fits your needs for what you want in a media player.

Polaroid MPA-20011S

Let’s first look at the impressive specifications of the Polaroid MPA-20011S: 2.2″ Portable Media Player. This has a 2.2 inch TFT full color LCS screen and plays MPEG4 video, MP3 audio and displays JPEG photos. It has an FM radio which picks up excellent reception and a voice recording, one of those features that you don’t always use, but are happy to have just in case. Most people don’t think about the need for this feature until a circumstance arises and they wish that they had one. The Polaroid MPA-20011S: 2.2″ Portable Media Player comes with an assorted game package so that you can begin using it for entertainment right away.

The device is USB 2.0 compatible and has quite a bit of storage; you can use the standard 1GB of memory or you can use the expandable memory storage with the Micro SD card slot which will be give you tons of more storage. Keep in mind that this is not a video iPod, but with the SC card, you will have 4GB of storage which is just about equivalent to a DVD movie. Do keep in mind that the Micro SD card is does not come with the device, it is sold separately. This little device has good battery life, giving you up to twenty hours on its rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This player is a nice and compact 3.6 by 1.95 by .45 inch size.

The player itself has a sleek design and the screen gives you a clear, sharp viewing in full color on 2.2 inches with 320 by 240 screen resolution. The controls are user friendly and this player downloads album cover art automatically, which is a nice plus.

The Polaroid MPA-20011S: 2.2″ Portable Media Player is USB 2.0 compatible and is compatible with Windows 2000/XP (Service Pack 2). There is a built in stopwatch and the device comes with a user manual, a quick start guide, ear buds and your USB cable. You can also access the manual via online which will show you everything from how to transfer files to the player to how to view your photo album.

This is the perfect player if you are looking to have a portable device that allows you to listen to your favorite tune, view photos, watch a movie, tune into the radio and make voice recordings. The Polaroid MPA-20011S: 2.2″ Portable Media Player gives you a great, very bold and clear color screen and good battery life. This is by and large, a great portable media player, priced well and offering a good assortment of entertainment. Do remember that this is not to be confused with Polaroid’s WiFi media players, which of course, run with a higher price tag.