Philips GoGear SA3025 (2G)

The Philips GoGear SA3025 (2G) is an MP3 player in the medium price range. It is a good little portable device with some great features. Since you have countless choices and options when it comes to choosing a player, let’s take a close, detailed look at the GoGear SA3025. We will look at the specifications of this device, it’s build and design, the functions and features of the Philips GoGear SA3025 and user friendliness to see if the GoGear SA3025 (2G) is the MP3 that fits your needs, what you’re looking for in a player and your price range.

Philips GoGear SA3025 PMP

First let’s have a look at the specifications of the GoGear SA3025 (2G). This is a Pentium III with 128 MB of RAM, HD 500 MB. Being very small and compact, the battery life is rather decent, ranging from two hours to twelve, depending on what you are using your player for. The Philips GoGear SA3025 runs on one lithium polymer battery that is stored internally and is rechargeable.

Philips GoGear SA3025 MP3 Player

Now, let’s take a look at the pros of the Philips GoGear SA3025 (2G). It is very compact and sturdy, perfect for those who want an MP3 player that does not bulk out their pockets or is cumbersome in any way. It is a benefit to have a USB rechargeable battery. Aside from playing your tunes, the GoGear SA3025 can also play video, hold your photos and gives you FM radio reception. There is also a built in sound recorder, used mostly for making memos for yourself but can come in handy in many situations and will record for up to four minutes for each recording. The design of the Philips GoGear SA3025 is very slim, sleek and stylish. There is a helpful locking feature, which certainly comes in handy and also a power saving feature which many find to be extremely useful since will all rechargeable batteries, , there will come a time when that battery simply will not take another charge and you will need to purchase a new one.

While the Philips GoGear SA3025 (2G) does not come accessories with a belt clip, you may find that you do not actually need one, since it is so small and thin. The screen and buttons are small, which is usually not an issue for those who are quite used to using MP3 players, perhaps only a newbie would find them to be a bit hard to navigate. The Philips GoGear SA3025 also comes with standard headphones and you can always upgrade later to ear buds or a different headphone set if you wish.

GoGear SA3025 in Leather Case

Going back to the feature of videos, you do need to convert them to a special format before you upload them to your GoGear SA3025. It does, however, come with the needed software and most find it very easy to use. The software will convert WMV, MPG and AVI. When done, they will be smaller in size and this is something to keep in mind since the screen of the GoGear SA3025 is rather small. You may not watch all of your movies on the GoGear SA3025, but is a great feature to have that most use at least on occasion.

The price for the Philips GoGear SA3025 (2G) is very reasonable, you can spend under fifty dollars if you search for deals, use coupons and/or find offers online.