iRiver Portable Media Players

iRiver Portable Media Players are a popular alternative to the Apple iPod. This is an impressive little gadget that plays digital music and video files, including WMV, MP3, WMA, DivX (AVI), BMP, and JPEG. For those who wish to take their audio and video files with them wherever they go, this may be just what you are looking for. For such a small size, this holds an notable 40 GB of storage. It offers full color and full motion video, among many other features. Let’s look at the features of iRiver Portable Media Players to see if this product fits your needs.

iRiver E100 Multumedia Player

It seems that the makers of the iRiver Portable Media Players have worked hard to make this small device be a good alternative to the ipod. This is a very portable and handy media player which holds your audio and video files and it holds quite a bit, 40 GB. Just slightly bigger than an ipod yet smaller than a CD player, this impressive and remarkable gadget has a three and a half inch LCD screen. It is just about the very same size as the Gameboy DS.

iRiver T10 MP3 Player

You can load audio content right from this player from your other devices . Even though just about every household has a computer, you do not need to have a computer in order to fill up iRiver Portable Media Players. Files can be loaded from other portable devices, which is a great plus. The storage capabilities are very high; this little machine can hold music, digital photographs, and full color, full motion video as well. It really is a full and complete media center.

The unit is compatible with any PC, even though a user does not need to have one. If you wish, you can connect iRiver Portable Media Players to computers with a high speed USB 2.0 which offers speedy and fast transference. In regard to video, a person can store a maximum of one hundred and sixty hours if the device is set to 320 x 240 resolution at 500 kbps and in AVI format. It also holds quite a bit of music for those who enjoy have a large variety of songs in their device; a maximum of 1200 hours of listening pleasure fits into iRiver Portable Media Players. As an extra bonus, this device also is a voice recorder in which it utilizes the onboard microphone, not always needed but good to have.

iRiver P7 PMP

This runs on rechargeable lithium batteries for up to a maximum of 5 hours of audio or video and up to 16 hours of just audio. The construction of iRiver Portable Media Players is rather solid, while a user certainly will want to avoid dropping this, it can take a tumble. The controls are rather distinctive and take a bit of time to learn, however user quickly catch on. A help feature is just a click away if you have any issues in understanding the controls.

iRiver P7 Magazine Look GUI

Screen resolution is quite good both with colors and contrast. Viewing angle is rather good and in most cases two people can easily and clearly see the same image on the screen without having to move it. iRiver Portable Media Players have quite a bit of flexibility and are quickly gaining popularity for those who are looking for a solid alternative to the iPod.