Creative Zen Portable Media Players

The writer of the following article can recall seeing a movie about a recording effort. In that movie, a woman and some male friends carried one of the heavy and cumbersome, old, original recording devices up a steep mountain. They wanted to record the music made by a hillbilly. Today music lovers can purchase and use portable recorders. Today music lovers can also enjoy the availability of the Creative Zen portable media players. By providing a teenager with Zen player, a parent can insure the teen’s enjoyment of time spent outside. They provide their teen son or daughter with ready access to entertainment.

Creative ZEN X-Fi PMP

In the past, many parents have said this to a son or daughter: “You had better change your tune.” At one time that phrase could put an end to a string of complaints. Today, however, a parent needs to think twice before making the aforementioned statement. Today, a young person who hears that statement might view it as a reference to actions that relate to one of the Creative Zen portable media players.

Creative Zen Vision PMP

The teen or preteen who has one of those Zen players has little trouble changing his or her tune. Unfortunately for parents, that changed tune is a real tune; it is the tune that is entertaining the teen by coming through the audio system on the Zen player. Teen like to listen to those tunes, while showing off their smart and stylish portable players.

Makers of the Zen media players have designed their gadget so that it possesses eye catching qualities. That player comes in three different colors—black, silver and pink. In addition, the owner of any Player can add a personal touch to its appearance by carrying it in a Zen Mozaic Skin Pack.

The Zen player remains safe in that skin pack, while the owner of the player listens to any number of the tunes that are on the top of the music charts. If a youth hears a really great tune, and wants to share it with a friend, then a new device on the Zen player allows that to happen. Of course, youth today want to share more than tunes with their friends.

Youth today want to be able to share photos with their friends. The owner of a Zen portable player can do just that. Each player has a 1.8 inch screen. Photos that have been saved in the player can be displayed on that screen. A girl who is having a “bad hair day” can show off pictures that highlight her good looks. A guy can use his Player photos to call attention to his most enviable qualities.

Creative Zen Portable Media Player

How many photos and tunes can a player owner put on that device? The answer to that question must be decided by the person who is buying the player. The Zen portable media players in the store, and those available online, come with one of four different capacities: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB or 16 GB.

Now the owner of a Creative Zen portable player might hope to one day be the owner of some high end stereo equipment. Yet the typical young person can not afford a high priced gadget. That fact points up the importance of another of the Zen Player’s great features – its reasonable price. Once you know that price, you have to ask, “Why not buy one today?”