Archos 705 WiFi, 160GB Review

The Archos 705 WiFi (160GB) is a portable video player that has a pretty incredible giant screen, excellent audio, great photo sharing capabilities, a user friendly design, offers flash games, allows you to rent and watch movies via its wireless connection and is quite simply an excellent Internet browser. But since this is very different than other Archos products, let’s take a closer look at the Archos 705 WiFi (160GB) to see its exact specifications, its features and functions to see if this is the portable video player that has all that you are looking for and fits your needs.

Archos 705 WiFi Media Player

Taking a close look at the Archos 705 WiFi (160GB), let’s first see what the specifications are. This is not a tiny device, as it has a very big screen. It only weighs an impressive 1.4 pounds. Its size is 7.2 inches by five inches by .08 inches. It has a seven inch color display touch screen, a PDF view and USB compatibility. The main features of the Archos 705 WiFi (160GB) which we will get into more details about in a moment are its digital audio player, the photo viewer, a digital video player, an external HDD function, a digital audio recorder and it captures video from exterior sources.

Archos 705 WiFi Photo

The memory of the Archos 705 WiFi (160GB) is a very good sized 160 GB of storage. In regard to photos, it supports BMP, PNG and JPEG formats and offers a photo playback feature that gives you an automated slide show of your pictures. Archos did not forget about audio, as the Archos 705 WiFi (160GB) supports MP3, PCM, WAV, WMA, ADPCM and protected WMA. It runs at the rate of between thirty and three hundred and twenty Kbps. You will have built in speakers, in stereo and also an equalizer.

While offering other features, video is a main focus and you will be able to watch videos that are in WMV and MPEG-4 format. In regard to connectivity, there are many options that you have readily available. It has Hi-speed USB, mini USB type B and type A, headphones that are mini phone s of 3.5 mm and a docking station. You are given a power adapter and this device runs on a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. When fully charged you will have a maxium of twenty five hours of audio and a maximum of five and a half hours of video, perfect for two movies. The Archos 705 WiFi (160GB) comes with all needed software drivers, a USB cable, a nice carrying pouch with a should strap, a very handy remote control, your stereo headphones and a USB host cable. As with most players, you will have a one year limited warranty.

The Archos 705 WiFi (160GB), one must remember is a big, powerful device and while portable, is not a tiny, sleek piece that you can slip into your pocket. The features and functions call out for a design that is sturdier and bigger. One of the nice features is that you do not need or have any buttons, everything is controlled via its touch screen. Due to its size it also has a kickstand for no hands use. Aside from the above listed features, you also have some fun extra such as games, an RSS reader and more.