Apple iPod Shuffle Review

Apple Computers is working hard to own the mobile entertainment market, and with products like the Apple iPod Shuffle it is easy to see why Apple is confident that they are the number one maker of mobile entertainment products in the world. The Apple iPod Shuffle offers everything a mobile music user could ever need, and it also offers a lot more than most people would expect. Apple is constantly improving and updating its mobile entertainment products, and the new Apple iPod Shuffle offers many of the features that customers have been asking for in their iPod products since the line was first introduced.

iPod Shuffle

The first thing you notice about the Apple iPod Shuffle is that it is extremely compact. It is smaller than a pack of chewing gum, which means it can fit conveniently into any pocket or purse and can be out of the way when you are trying to exercise or work. Don’t let the small size of the Apple iPod Shuffle fool you, it contains many features that make it a state-of-the-art mobile entertainment unit that will help you enjoy your music anywhere you go.

The Apple iPod Shuffle is easy to use because the controls are conveniently located on the earbud wire in such a way that you can easily access all of your Apple iPod Shuffle controls without breaking stride or losing focus on what you are working on. You no longer have to fish around your pockets for your iPod in order to activate any of its functions or change the song you are listening to, now you can do it all on the go from the conveniently located control area.

Apple iPod Shuffle

The most important thing about any iPod is how much music it can hold, and the Apple iPod Shuffle does not disappoint in this area either. The Apple iPod Shuffle comes with 4GB of available space, which can hold up to 1,000 songs or hours of any audio content that you may want to load on it.

As always the choice of the content on your iPod is up to you, and with 4GB worth of space you are more than able to include anything you want on your new Apple iPod Shuffle and take it with you wherever you go. The Apple iPod Shuffle also comes with a stylish metal clip that is engraved with the iPod name on it to give stylish way for you to secure your iPod to any part of your clothing or any clothing accessory.

Apple iPod Shuffle Players

There are many features that will amaze you about the Apple iPod Shuffle, but probably the most innovative feature is the voice-over feature. The voice-over feature allows you to hear the name of the song you are listening to announced any time you need it. You can keep track of all of your playlists without ever having to look at a screen or play around with controls to find what you are looking for. The voice-over feature lets you here exactly what you are listening to, and it can help you go through your entire library of music without ever taking your eye off the road.

The convenience of the Apple iPod Shuffle is continued with the ability to create customized playlists for specific functions. If you have a particular playlist you want to use when you are working out, then just program it into your Apple iPod Shuffle and you can have that same playlist anytime you want it. The Apple iPod Shuffle is the ultimate in convenience for your mobile entertainment needs.


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    The amazing features of the Ipad makes exploring, research, communicating and browsing easier. Wherever I go, I always bring my Ipad with me.