Appeal Of Portable MP4 Players

Portable MP4 players are the cool toys to have these days. Not only do they let you watch movies and listen to audio files, you can look at cartoons and other types of animations. These are so popular because they fit in your pocket and you can carry them with you on a long boring trip. They can carry a lot more files than most players. These will be a hot item for the next few years. Get yours today and get all the features that make them popular as part of the package. They also have accessories that you can add to your portable MP4 player as well for even more viewing.

MP4 Portable Player

MP4 players are hand held devices that are actually used in the compression of audio and video files. It is short for MPEG which stands for Motion Picture Expert Group 4. Being lightweight to handle, you can carry them in your pocket and listen to music or watch a movie. Take them along on that long bus or airplane trip, and take some of your favorite shows to watch. These are great for downloading information because they have a really speedy download time if you are connected with broadband. They condense the files, and when you play them, the quality of the pictures and sound is just amazing. They can also play older formats as well, such as the MP3 formats.


MPEG-1 brought the first full motion video to CD. MPEG-2 was for the DVD format. MPEG-4 will be made for the Internet and downloading from the Internet or uploading to it. The device has been around since 1999. They have been working the bugs out so to speak. There are plenty of mediums that the MP4 player can handle. These include text, animations, pictures from your camera, movies, audio, sound, and some Quick time movies. They simply capture the medium and convert it to the correct format for the player.

Many people have home movies or maybe even movies of a child’s play they would like to upload to show to friends and family. This device makes that very simple to do. Some kids love to listen to music. This is also a perfect device for that. Depending on the internal memory, you may have to buy a memory card, but these are wonderful for any time use to listen to music or see a movie. Kids and adults love them alike. This is mostly due to they have so many uses for whatever your favorite medium is.

HDD MP4 Player

Some of the accessories to check out for your new MP4 player are the size of the screen, what kind of battery it takes and how long it will last, and what kind of internal memory or hard drive it takes. There are some really low end models out here. So take a look at the features and make sure you get what you are looking for and not something that was just on the shelf.

Creative Zen Vision PMP

The big thing with down loading off the Internet these days is if it is legal or not. Making a CD or ripping a movie may not be legal. Before downloading in this format, make sure there are no warnings on the movie that prohibit it. It is very easy to do without thinking about it. Make sure you check first. You don’t want to get caught and have to pay a fine or be placed in jail or both.