8GB Philips GoGear SA5285BT w/ Bluetooth

The Philips GoGear SA5285BT is an MP3 player with a whole lot more. This media player is for your music, your video, photo sharing, voice recording, and has an FM radio. You can take advantage of the Rhapsody subscription for your music needs and enjoy wireless stereo via Bluetooth audio. Let’s take a closer look at the details of the 8GB Philips GoGear SA5285BT. We will look at specifications of this device, the build and design, capabilities and the features. Is the Philips GoGear SA5285BT an above average player? Let’s have a look.

8GB Philips GoGear SA5285BT

To take a close look at the Philips GoGear SA5285BT w/ Bluetooth (8GB), we will first look at the specifications of this device. It weighs less than four ounces, at just 3.4 which is extremely light and makes this very portable. The size dimensions are a 2.3 inch width by 4.2 inch height and just a .4 inch depth.

Now to see how long this device can last on battery power. It runs on a Lithium polymer battery and depending on which features you are using on the Philips 8GB GoGear SA5285BT, it will last a maximum of thirty hours and a minimum of six hours.

Philips GoGear SA5285BT Leather Case

Let’s take a look at the design. The screen is a bit larger than the comparable GoGear SA6045, as it is 2.8 inches compared to 2.2 inches. It has the most resolution possible at 320 by 240. There is a navigation pad on the right side which is very handy. The Philips GoGear SA5285BT shows the user a vertical list on main menus of your categories. These include your tunes, your video, your photos, recordings, settings and any radio stations that you have preset. Once you go into a category, you will then see thumbnail graphics that go along with your media, such as an album cover artwork graphic for your music, etc. The playback screen on the Philips 8GB GoGear SA5285BT will give you full size album artwork when the files have been downloaded via Windows Media Player or the Rhapsody jukebox software that this device is compatible with.

Now let’s take a closer look at the features of the Philips GoGear SA5285BT w/ Bluetooth (8GB). One of the best features is that the device is designed for Rhapsody and it has wireless Bluetooth audio. For those who have not used Rhapsody before, you can check it out as the device comes with a thirty day free subscription; plenty of time for a user to see what it’s all about. The Philips GoGear SA5285BT is also a video player and allows you to adjust the brightness, do multispeed scanning and auto resume which helps make this feature very easy to use. The video only supports WMV format, therefore users may need to convert so of the files into WMV.

Philips GoGear SA5285BT USB Cable

The Bluetooth audio is a great feature and only needs to be set up one time. You can also use the connection to send music from your player to your PC and other compatible devices. The Philips GoGear SA5285BT has the features of shuffle mode as well. The photo viewer is handy and supports JPEG format. The voice recording feature is basically designed for allowing you to make short memos to yourself. The sound quality on this device is great and the bundled earbuds deliver great sound.