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Philips GoGear SA3025 (2G)

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The Philips GoGear SA3025 (2G) is an MP3 player in the medium price range. It is a good little portable device with some great features. Since you have countless choices and options when it comes to choosing a player, let’s take a close, detailed look at the GoGear SA3025. We will look at the specifications […]

Creative Zen Portable Media Players

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The writer of the following article can recall seeing a movie about a recording effort. In that movie, a woman and some male friends carried one of the heavy and cumbersome, old, original recording devices up a steep mountain. They wanted to record the music made by a hillbilly. Today music lovers can purchase and […]

Sony Walkman E440 Unleashed in Europe

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The new Sony Walkman® E440 player comes with up to 16GB of storage, plays MP3, WMA and AAC files (including DRM-free Apple iTunes music, movies, TV shows, applications, podcasts, audiobooks), and WMV files, which in the past have always looked great on Sony Walkman E-series players. Great sound and smart features are teamed with extra-long […]

Archos Portable Media Players

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Have you heard about the Archos portable media players? The Gen 5 is not just one device, but a whole line from Archos which includes media players with rich capabilities. This includes the Archos105 which is a miniature multi media player, the Archos 405 which is a portable video player and multi media player and […]