Kenwood Two-Way Radios – Finding the Right Model

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Kenwood two-way radios have been around for many years. This company is a leader in mobile technology and electronics, and although they are usually best known for car audio, they have a corner on the market for two-way radio communications, as well. Their models include everything from amateur radio to complete systems and business radio solutions. You won’t likely find cool walkie-talkies for the kids here, though. This company is all about functionality and performance, not just having a good time.

Kenwood NX-200/300

Kenwood two-way radios are advertised for use in construction, retail, education, hospitality, and many other settings. These devices can make your job much easier, no matter what type of career you might have. Of course, if you’re looking for a personal radio or amateur system, you can find plenty of those, as well.

Kenwood TK 3230XLS

It will be up to you to review the different models available from Kenwood and find the ones that are best for your specific needs. There are almost 20 different radios to choose from, which means that you really need to know what’s out there and what you want before you can buy anything.

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Polaroid MPA-20011S: 2.2″ Portable Media Player

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The world was not sure what to think when Polaroid announced the plans for media players. However, for anyone who had any doubts, the Polaroid MPA-20011S: 2.2″ Portable Media Player will put those thoughts to rest. This little device is for music and video, photo viewing, voice recording and radio use with 512MB or 1GB of memory and some nice little extras in this flash based player. Let’s take a close look at the Polaroid MPA-20011S: 2.2″ Portable Media Player to see what is offers you and if it fits your needs for what you want in a media player.

Polaroid MPA-20011S

Let’s first look at the impressive specifications of the Polaroid MPA-20011S: 2.2″ Portable Media Player. This has a 2.2 inch TFT full color LCS screen and plays MPEG4 video, MP3 audio and displays JPEG photos. It has an FM radio which picks up excellent reception and a voice recording, one of those features that you don’t always use, but are happy to have just in case. Most people don’t think about the need for this feature until a circumstance arises and they wish that they had one. The Polaroid MPA-20011S: 2.2″ Portable Media Player comes with an assorted game package so that you can begin using it for entertainment right away.

The device is USB 2.0 compatible and has quite a bit of storage; you can use the standard 1GB of memory or you can use the expandable memory storage with the Micro SD card slot which will be give you tons of more storage. Keep in mind that this is not a video iPod, but with the SC card, you will have 4GB of storage which is just about equivalent to a DVD movie. Do keep in mind that the Micro SD card is does not come with the device, it is sold separately. This little device has good battery life, giving you up to twenty hours on its rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This player is a nice and compact 3.6 by 1.95 by .45 inch size.

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Apple iPod Shuffle Review


Apple Computers is working hard to own the mobile entertainment market, and with products like the Apple iPod Shuffle it is easy to see why Apple is confident that they are the number one maker of mobile entertainment products in the world. The Apple iPod Shuffle offers everything a mobile music user could ever need, and it also offers a lot more than most people would expect. Apple is constantly improving and updating its mobile entertainment products, and the new Apple iPod Shuffle offers many of the features that customers have been asking for in their iPod products since the line was first introduced.

iPod Shuffle

The first thing you notice about the Apple iPod Shuffle is that it is extremely compact. It is smaller than a pack of chewing gum, which means it can fit conveniently into any pocket or purse and can be out of the way when you are trying to exercise or work. Don’t let the small size of the Apple iPod Shuffle fool you, it contains many features that make it a state-of-the-art mobile entertainment unit that will help you enjoy your music anywhere you go.

The Apple iPod Shuffle is easy to use because the controls are conveniently located on the earbud wire in such a way that you can easily access all of your Apple iPod Shuffle controls without breaking stride or losing focus on what you are working on. You no longer have to fish around your pockets for your iPod in order to activate any of its functions or change the song you are listening to, now you can do it all on the go from the conveniently located control area.

Apple iPod Shuffle

The most important thing about any iPod is how much music it can hold, and the Apple iPod Shuffle does not disappoint in this area either. The Apple iPod Shuffle comes with 4GB of available space, which can hold up to 1,000 songs or hours of any audio content that you may want to load on it.

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Motorola Handheld Radios – Buying the Best

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Motorola handheld radios are among the best products on the market today. There are certainly many other manufacturers of handheld radios, but Motorola got their start in two-way communication and has become a leader in the industry as far as most people are concerned. Handheld radios are ideal means of communications for all types of occasions and the styles and features offered by Motorola are among the best available. This company has been around for decades and has been perfecting their technology in handheld radios for many years.

Motorola Two Way Radios

Motorola handheld radios are designed for everyone from professionals to kids, no matter what you might be looking for. You can easily get a four-pack of radios that are very basic for the kids to play with from Motorola, as well as high-end radios that are ideal for adults in various situations, no matter how far apart they might be.

From digital radios to analog radios, there is something for just about everyone. The range and features on each radio are different, so you will have to compare your options to find the model that best suits your needs.

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Archos 705 WiFi, 160GB Review

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The Archos 705 WiFi (160GB) is a portable video player that has a pretty incredible giant screen, excellent audio, great photo sharing capabilities, a user friendly design, offers flash games, allows you to rent and watch movies via its wireless connection and is quite simply an excellent Internet browser. But since this is very different than other Archos products, let’s take a closer look at the Archos 705 WiFi (160GB) to see its exact specifications, its features and functions to see if this is the portable video player that has all that you are looking for and fits your needs.

Archos 705 WiFi Media Player

Taking a close look at the Archos 705 WiFi (160GB), let’s first see what the specifications are. This is not a tiny device, as it has a very big screen. It only weighs an impressive 1.4 pounds. Its size is 7.2 inches by five inches by .08 inches. It has a seven inch color display touch screen, a PDF view and USB compatibility. The main features of the Archos 705 WiFi (160GB) which we will get into more details about in a moment are its digital audio player, the photo viewer, a digital video player, an external HDD function, a digital audio recorder and it captures video from exterior sources.

Archos 705 WiFi Photo

The memory of the Archos 705 WiFi (160GB) is a very good sized 160 GB of storage. In regard to photos, it supports BMP, PNG and JPEG formats and offers a photo playback feature that gives you an automated slide show of your pictures. Archos did not forget about audio, as the Archos 705 WiFi (160GB) supports MP3, PCM, WAV, WMA, ADPCM and protected WMA. It runs at the rate of between thirty and three hundred and twenty Kbps. You will have built in speakers, in stereo and also an equalizer.

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Samsung YP-P3 Portable Media Player

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The Samsung YP-P3 Portable Media Player is both a fashion statement and a very high quality portable media player. Since there are so many different media players available that offer users different experiences, let’s take a close look at the Samsung YP-P3 Portable Media Player to see what this one has. We will look at the specifications of the Samsung YP-P3, the design that went into this model, its features and functions and most of all, exactly what the Samsung YP-P3 Portable Media Player to see offers what you are looking for in both style and functionality. The Samsung P3 Portable Media Player is a portable media player that offers a radio, Bluetooth, voice recording, touch interface and more. Let’s take a close look at this device to see what exactly the Samsung YP-P3 has to offer.

Samsung YP-P3 PMP

First, let’s take a look at the specifications of the Samsung YP-P3. This device has the cool feature of a music hot touch key. It’s screen is an LCD touch screen of good size, three inches. The video player in this portable device is a 16:9 widescreen. There are four versions of the Samsung P3, the 4GB, the 8GB, the 16GB and finally the big 32GB. This has Samsung’s modernized DNSe 3.0 sound enhancement technology to allow the user to have great listening enjoyment. It also comes with a voice recorder, the very sought after and now expected Bluetooth and good quality FM radio. It is usually available in both matte black or matte silver, both of which are equally popular.

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Archos 5 250GB Internet Media Tablet

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The Archos 5 250GB Internet Media Tablet, that is available in several different models, is a media player that offers full Internet browsing and lots of media features. The Archos 5 is a portable device that offers a large, high-resolution touch-screen display, Wi-Fi, audio playback, photos, Flash video and game compatibility, a PDF reader, Mac and PC compatibility, built-in speaker, incorporated kickstand, and optional capabilities. With so many devices popping up around us, let’s take a closer look at the Archos 5 250GB Internet Media Tablet to find out what its features are and to see if this is the type of media player that fits your needs.

Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet

The Archos 5 250GB Internet Media Tablet offers quite a few features. Let’s take a look at each to see how this stacks up against other portable media players and older versions. Design and user friendliness is a big component of any portable media player. It appears that a lot of thought has gone into the design of the Archos 5. Enclosed in a chromed, hard plastic this has a five inch screen and the overall size of this device is 5 by 3 inches with a thickness of just ½ inch and up to ¾ inch for bigger GB versions. The weight of the Archos 5 250GB Internet Media Tablet is just a bit under nine ounces.

The Archos 5 250GB Internet Media Tablet has a kickstand that is built in, allowing a user to easily set it down taking out the need to constantly carry it. This device is completely controlled by its touch screen, with the exception of the on/off switch and the volume; both of which are located on the top edges of the device. The headphone connection is located in the middle of the left side. Speakers are on the right edge.

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8GB Philips GoGear SA5285BT w/ Bluetooth

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The Philips GoGear SA5285BT is an MP3 player with a whole lot more. This media player is for your music, your video, photo sharing, voice recording, and has an FM radio. You can take advantage of the Rhapsody subscription for your music needs and enjoy wireless stereo via Bluetooth audio. Let’s take a closer look at the details of the 8GB Philips GoGear SA5285BT. We will look at specifications of this device, the build and design, capabilities and the features. Is the Philips GoGear SA5285BT an above average player? Let’s have a look.

8GB Philips GoGear SA5285BT

To take a close look at the Philips GoGear SA5285BT w/ Bluetooth (8GB), we will first look at the specifications of this device. It weighs less than four ounces, at just 3.4 which is extremely light and makes this very portable. The size dimensions are a 2.3 inch width by 4.2 inch height and just a .4 inch depth.

Now to see how long this device can last on battery power. It runs on a Lithium polymer battery and depending on which features you are using on the Philips 8GB GoGear SA5285BT, it will last a maximum of thirty hours and a minimum of six hours.

Philips GoGear SA5285BT Leather Case

Let’s take a look at the design. The screen is a bit larger than the comparable GoGear SA6045, as it is 2.8 inches compared to 2.2 inches. It has the most resolution possible at 320 by 240. There is a navigation pad on the right side which is very handy. The Philips GoGear SA5285BT shows the user a vertical list on main menus of your categories. These include your tunes, your video, your photos, recordings, settings and any radio stations that you have preset. Once you go into a category, you will then see thumbnail graphics that go along with your media, such as an album cover artwork graphic for your music, etc. The playback screen on the Philips 8GB GoGear SA5285BT will give you full size album artwork when the files have been downloaded via Windows Media Player or the Rhapsody jukebox software that this device is compatible with.

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Appeal Of Portable MP4 Players

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Portable MP4 players are the cool toys to have these days. Not only do they let you watch movies and listen to audio files, you can look at cartoons and other types of animations. These are so popular because they fit in your pocket and you can carry them with you on a long boring trip. They can carry a lot more files than most players. These will be a hot item for the next few years. Get yours today and get all the features that make them popular as part of the package. They also have accessories that you can add to your portable MP4 player as well for even more viewing.

MP4 Portable Player

MP4 players are hand held devices that are actually used in the compression of audio and video files. It is short for MPEG which stands for Motion Picture Expert Group 4. Being lightweight to handle, you can carry them in your pocket and listen to music or watch a movie. Take them along on that long bus or airplane trip, and take some of your favorite shows to watch. These are great for downloading information because they have a really speedy download time if you are connected with broadband. They condense the files, and when you play them, the quality of the pictures and sound is just amazing. They can also play older formats as well, such as the MP3 formats.


MPEG-1 brought the first full motion video to CD. MPEG-2 was for the DVD format. MPEG-4 will be made for the Internet and downloading from the Internet or uploading to it. The device has been around since 1999. They have been working the bugs out so to speak. There are plenty of mediums that the MP4 player can handle. These include text, animations, pictures from your camera, movies, audio, sound, and some Quick time movies. They simply capture the medium and convert it to the correct format for the player.

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Creative ZEN Mozaic 16GB MP3 Player

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The Creative ZEN Mozaic 16GB MP3 Player is known for its bold new look, light weight design of under two pounds, great features and capabilities. This device is available in 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB capacities. Let’s take a close look at the Creative ZEN Mozaic 16GB MP3 Player. We will discuss the specifications, the features and functions of this trendy device to see if this is the MP3 that fits your needs. Is it handy, fun and packed with features that you are looking for? Let’s see.

Creative ZEN Mozaic Player

Let’s take a close look at the Creative ZEN Mozaic 16GB MP3 Player and we’ll start with the technical elements. This device has 16 GB of capacity for 8000 WPA or 4000 for MP3 files. It has a battery life of 32 hours maximum (depending on what features you are using) and the color display in on a 1.8 inch with 128 x 160 resolution screen. The Creative ZEN Mozaic 16GB MP3 Player does support AVI video formats ( although they must be coded with software that comes with the device) and also supports MP3 (of course), WMA, WAV and images of JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG and TIFF. Standard is a one year limited warranty on the hardware.

This device is a bit over a pound, weighing in at 1.6 pounds and the size is 3.1 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches. The idea behind the Creative ZEN Mozaic 16GB MP3 Player is for the user to forget about trends and use their own creativity to style out their MP3. The mosaic keypad, an extremely unique design, quickly gets the user off to a great start of standing out in the crowd of players.

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